Airtasker head office phone number

Odd jobs marketplace Airtasker did not need a coronavirus scare to hasten it towards cash flow positivity, achieving the milestone in late as it observed investor revolt against unprofitable start-ups. The likelihood of a COVID pandemic has led to calls for start-ups to pay down debt in case venture capital funding dries up for an extended period.

Airtasker's Tim Fung has achieved cash flow positivity.

airtasker head office phone number

Jesse Marlow. But Airtasker chief executive Tim Fung said it was souring investor sentiment towards loss-making scale-ups, such as last year's failed WeWork initial public offering, that led its board to rein in spending and work towards an operating profit. Financial freedom is what we call it internally. Airtasker reached cash flow positivity in the second quarter of However it spent more on employee benefits alone.

Headcount has since nearly doubled again tomostly in the Sydney headquarters and a Manila support office. Mr Fung would not reveal how its revenue was tracking inbut said it was now exceeding all operational spending. Despite largely dumping mass media advertising afterthere is now an average ofnew tasks posted on Airtasker in Australia each month, up froma month at the end of These changes had encouraged Airtasker's 30, monthly active taskers to take on a greater number of jobs, Mr Fung said.

Aware that this is the territory of lead generation platforms for tradespeople like HiPagesMr Fung said Airtasker was working on a product that would allow more pre-tasking contact between the posters of high-value jobs and the taskers who were potentially accepting them. As for how the coronavirus was impacting Airtasker, Mr Fung said there had been a few tasks posted for deliveries of toilet paper or medications, but no hero category in building underground bunkers just yet. Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer Help using this website - Accessibility statement.

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Digital sales and advertising If you have an advertising or sales enquiryplease contact our Head of Digital SalesSydney.Updated Jun 2, Airtasker is a great way to earn some extra money. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Airtasker including how to become an Airtasker Worker, the fees, how much you can earn and insurance options, plus some extra things you should watch out for.

We'll also give you some tips for managing your Airtasker income and meeting your tax obligations. Airtasker is an online and mobile peer-to-peer marketplace where people can outsource everyday tasks and find skilled people to complete them.

How many calls do you get per hour as a call center home agent? Do you have to pay for training?

If you're already using Airtasker and are looking for an account to manage your income, skip ahead to this section now. You can either use Airtasker to post jobs you need completed the Job Posteror to complete jobs for some extra cash Airtasker Worker. Job Posters post a task they need completed to the jobs board, including a description of the task, the skills and equipment needed, how long it will take, how many people are needed up to 30and the task budget the total amount or an hourly rate.

There are no limits on the types of tasks which can be posted; from simple to complicated, home cleaning, graphic design, gardening and putting together furniture.

On a separate page, Airtasker Workers can see all tasks posted and bid to complete the task.

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Multiple bids can be made for each task, either higher, lower or the same as the asking price, so it is up to the Job Poster to decide which Airtasker Worker they want to hire, based on their bid, profile, reviews, and skills. Job Posters will then be able to communicate with the Airtasker Worker via private messaging to work out the finer details. Signing up to be an Airtasker Worker is as easy as signing up for an email address or eBay account.

The whole process is done entirely online via the Airtasker platform.

airtasker head office phone number

You can sign up either with Facebook or by manually entering in a few personal details. The price guide varies widely between professions so be sure to check the recommended bands for each task.

Broadly speaking, a trust is a type of account where the trustee Airtasker is put in charge of the funds for the benefit of another party you.

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Airtasker must hold these funds exclusively and securely for you until the task is completed. Once the task is complete, you make a request for payment from the Job Poster, and they will tell Airtasker to release the funds to your nominated bank account or PayPal account. Airtasker says you should allow business days for the funds to reach your account.

Every transfer of funds between the Job Poster and you must be done through this system only. It's a good idea to keep all your income earned through Airtasker in a separate bank account from all your other income that you earn from other jobs. This way, when it comes time to pay tax on your Aistasker income, it will be really easy to see how much you've earned from Airtasker alone as it'll be in the one account, not mixed in with your earnings form other jobs.

We update our data regularly, but information can change between updates. Confirm details with the provider you're interested in before making a decision.

Learn how we maintain accuracy on our site. One way that Airtasker allows you to differentiate yourself is by displaying Badges on your profile. Badges give Job Posters more information when deciding who to work with and build trust. By law, income received through Airtasker is considered to be taxable income and must be declared with the Australian Taxation Office ATO alongside all other types of income.

Income tax is tax paid on total income from all sources eg part-time employment, investment income, and rental income less any deductions. Like every other registered Australian business, with an ABN you are entitled to claim business expenses relating to your Airtasker tasks as tax deductions to reduce your taxable income.

Common deductions include motor vehicle expenses, travel expenses, home office expenses and the use of machinery, tools or computers. You can also claim the Service Fee charged by Airtasker. Deductions cannot be claimed for fines, clothing other than safety clothing, and meals purchased whilst on the job.

In order to be eligible to claim deductions, you must be able to prove that purchases made related to your business, so remember to hold onto invoices, receipts, and bank statements.

You are required by law to pay tax on all income earned via Airtasker, and you must pay tax according to your marginal tax rate. If you haven't kept track of this throughout the year it can be time-consuming and tricky to do come tax time. Using a professional tax agent can help you claim the correct amount of tax on your Airtasker income, while also helping to maximise your deductions and get the best possible tax return.

Compare online tax agents in our tax agent comparison guide.Artificial intelligence is at the heart of everything Airtasker does. The online marketplace — where people post jobs, ranging from household chores to white-collar work, which individuals pitch for — has two AI systems, called Carl and Alan, that reduce the onus on employees, says chief executive Tim Fung. Airtasker CEO Tim Fung says his biggest leadership lesson has been learning to apply "radical honesty" when dealing with staff.

Jessica Hromas. Airtasker was founded in and has created a community of 2 million people. Excluding London, Airtasker is growing at more than per cent year-on-year. In its first five weeks of operation in Britain it has achieved as much as in its first three years in Australia. Its ability to grow quickly is in part due to the lean structure of the business, where the tasks completed through the platform are performed by individuals, not staff members.

Is flexibility and remote working really all it’s cracked up to be?

Airtasker co-founders Jonathan Lui, left, and Tim Fung, whose company now employs people. Dragon Papillon Photography. Workers on the platform can typically be sorted into three types: skilled professionals, particularly tradesman, but increasingly white-collar professionals who want to work on their own terms or are between jobs, students and semi-retirees.

The platform earns money by taking a percentage of each job, so the more people earn, the more Airtasker earns. In its first five weeks of operation in Britain the firm has achieved as much as in its first three years in Australia.

But as the company started to grow quickly, this structure was unsustainable. The transition to a new structure, in which teams incorporated engineers, designers and marketers similar to agile teamsmeant slowing down the company for two months, but Fung says it was worth it. Tim Fung says the company's "operating model is extremely efficient and we don't need huge teams of people".

Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer Help using this website - Accessibility statement. Yolanda Redrup Reporter. Jun 5, — Yolanda Redrup writes on technology from our Melbourne newsroom.

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Connect with Yolanda on Twitter.New research from Airtasker weighs up the pros and cons of remote working, after surveying more than 1, employees in the US. It surveyed 1, full-time employees across the US, half of which complete their work outside of an office setting.

In a bid to gain some inside knowledge into the increasingly popular phenomenon, it compared the productivity, spending habits and health of respondents.

airtasker head office phone number

Length of worker commutes were found to have a substantial impact on respondents, causing one in four of those surveyed to quit a job at some point in their careers. As a result, time and financial costs were drastically different for both groups analysed. Remote workers gained more exercise, squeezing in 25 extra minutes of physical activity every week in comparison to their office-bound colleagues. Business is better when its people are healthy.

Obvious reasons for this include fewer sick days being taken, but benefits also arise in improved concentration levels, and encouraging a company culture that can help attract new hires and, ultimately, elevate productivity. Airtasker also took a deeper look at productivity, given its integral role in bolstering business. It suggested that people working outside the office get more work done, clocking in more than 16 additional days each year and accomplishing more within those days, too.

Main drivers of this disparity included less distractions, allowing remote employees to lose 10 fewer minutes to non-work-related time-drains every day and taking more official breaks, leading to higher productivity rates. Distractions that were described included interruptions from bosses and talking with peers about aspects of their lives not related to their jobs.

Nearly a quarter of office employees said their boss distracted them from doing their work, but only 15pc of remote workers, on the other hand, reported the same.

For example, 33pc of remote employees said that having set working hours was the most effective way to stay productive. Another 25pc stayed productive by choosing to work in the same location every day. Airtasker found that many at-home workers could present flight risks for businesses, with 50pc wanting to some day be their own boss instead of traversing the corporate ladder.

Additionally, without a traditional space to carry out tasks, remote workers struggled more in attaining a healthy work-life balance, with 29pc reporting this problem compared with 23pc of office workers.

Millennials were the most impacted by this, with almost a third finding difficulty in striking that balance. On the back of that struggle, it was suggested that anxiety and stress tended to surge during working days outside of the office. More than half of those working remotely said they had dealt with excessive amounts of stress throughout their day, with 45pc experiencing higher levels of anxiety than on-site employees.

A possible antidote to many of them is cultivating and maintaining friendships at work, which experts agree can have a positive impact on your stress levels, productivity and even happiness. In light of the future of work, it appears that newer members of the workforce are especially embracing this.

The study found that millennials understood the importance of office relationships the most. More than one in 10 agreed that work relationships were more important than their workload, and actively prioritised those bonds with their co-workers. Related: researchwork-life balanceproductivityUShealthreportsremote workingworking lifefuture of work. Lisa Ardill joined Silicon Republic as senior careers reporter in July She is also a semi-published poet and a big fan of doggos. Lisa was appointed careers editor in January Get our weekly newsletter for award-winning news, features and advice on sci-tech careers.

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Our sci-tech careers newsletter will bring insights from our experts direct to your inbox every week. Our Website uses cookies to improve your experience. Please visit our Privacy Policy page for more information about cookies and how we use them. How many people could live on Earth? How to take your first steps towards a career change 6 tax reliefs to keep in mind if you get a Covid tax bill today.

An analytical mind is helpful. All Advice People Employers Jobs. Commuting Length of worker commutes were found to have a substantial impact on respondents, causing one in four of those surveyed to quit a job at some point in their careers. Health The benefits even extended to the physical and mental wellbeing of workers. Productivity Airtasker also took a deeper look at productivity, given its integral role in bolstering business.Australians are offering strangers hundreds of dollars to complete unusual household jobs in the lead up to the festive season.

The most popular requests are assembling gifts such as trampolines, cubby houses and playground sets, with hundreds of time-poor parents offering handymen money.

The most popular requests are assembling gifts such as trampolines, cubby houses and playground sets stock image. There has been more than requests for trampoline help in November alone, with many requesting a Christmas Eve assembly to surprise their kids on Christmas day stock image. With that, comes countless ways for people to earn more money before enjoying a break over the holidays.

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Airtasker tightens its belt to avoid the WeWork effect

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