Ffxiv player race stats

There are many to choose from, which often raises the question as to what the differences are between each one of them.

The Hyur are a race who have been known for travelling to Eorzea from the surrounding locations. This trait has made them one of the most populated races within the game.

This race are described as being of modest physical appearance, though they have strangely shaped ears. Hyur are known for travelling by foot, which makes them a swift race to choose from.

Boasting a variety of spoken languages and traditionsthey are certainly an interesting choice, especially if you are looking for a more human-like appearance. Unlike the Hyur, the Elezen presents a more elf-like appearance. They are tall and slim, and tend to live longer than the other races on the list.

Their belief of this would eventually lead to conflict with the Hyur when they would arrive, which would be viewed as an invasion.

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Meanhwile, you have the Lalafellwho differ quite a lot to the previous two races. In fact, they are much shorterand appear to have a more childlike appearance. They live an agricultural life and take advantage of new trade routes in Eorzea to explore pastures new.

Now, you will find many Lalafell living on Eorzea, who mix well with other races despite being known as a group that are very close to each other.

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Adapting to a predatory way of life has made them prominent hunters. They also tend to be very territorial compared to other races, so you may find them rather secluded. For a more standout figure for your chosen race, look no further than the stocky Roegadyn. They feature huge muscular bodieswhich makes them very noticeable from a distance.

They are considered to be a more barbaric race than others. These brawny brutes with piercing eyes are the largest race in the gamethough they are in fewer numbers compared to others.

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The Au Ra race were introduced during Heavensward. They are of a dragon-like appearancewith scaleshorns and tails. Their origins are often disputed when compared to the Hyur, though its often maintained that their individual roots differ entirely. What sets them aside is their advanced hearingand the differing appearances between the males and females. Viera is a predominantly female-only racewith appearances very similar to the Hyur, with one of the only obvious differences being their long ears.

This particular race are bound by a code known as the Green Wordwhich sees them exiled from any kind of contact with the outside world. Any males of this race are rare, and are uncommonly found within the confines of this clan. Instead, the Viera opt for protecting their precious land from any dangers.With the influx of new and returning players, many will be eager to figure out which job class to focus on or how to gain amazing powerful gear.

Others might be less concerned about raw stats and are after the latest Glamour fashion. Along with the update, the Au Ra race is now freely available to all players. With 8 races and 16 clans possible for those that own Shadowbringersit can be a tough choice of what kind of character to make. There are very subtle differences in quests dialogue, mounts, and even minor stat augments.

If one changes their mind, there are also Fantasia potions to return to character creation. Once consumed, the player will have the option of recreating said character during login.

These are mailed to players and can be collected by speaking to any Delivery Moogle within towns. A free Fantasia is also now granted for completing the level 50 main story quest The Ultimate Weapon.

Square Enix will often award complimentary Fantasias for limited-time promotional events and sells them for real currency on the Mog Station.

FFXIV Starting Racial Stats Guide

Characters created during the 1. Players must use or forfeit this free rebuild before starting A Realm Reborn. These characters will be marked as surviving the Calamity from the introduction and will have an exclusive tattoo on the back of their lower neck.

Additionally, characters that completed all story missions during 1. Each of the playable races are divided into two clans with different heritages and physical aesthetics. The clans have bonuses and penalties to the five combat stats: Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Intelligence, and Mind. However, this is a small value of between points and will be negligible around level To put it in the greater perspective 6 points is approximately 0. Large and small characters may find themselves awkwardly squatting or jumping during otherwise serious story moments.

Should you play FFXIV? An In-depth Beginner’s guide

The larger Highlander clan is less common but can be found in Ala Mhigo. Although not given much special dialogue in A Realm RebornHyur will have more acknowledgment when speaking to their clansmen in Heavensward and Stormblood. Highlanders in particular may have some alternate interactions when dealing with Raubahn and Yda, two important Highlander NPCs. Hyur may have some unique interactions with Hume, their equivalent on the First Shard.

Midlanders have a bonus in Intelligence and slight penalties in Dexterity and Mind. Highlanders boosted stat is Strength and low stat is Intelligence. Elezen are a large yet skinny race from Gridania and the greater Shroud.

FFXIV ARR Racial Stats and God stats guide.

The Wildwood is the more populace clan, with many having migrated to Ishgard, the main hub within Heavensward. Duskwights are uncommon and tend to be a rare sight in society. Elezen are likely to be treated differently than other races during Heavensward and inside Ishgard in general; some characters will make positive or rude remarks about their pointed ears.

Characters will often adjust their tone or grammar when speaking about Alisaie, Alphinaud, and Urianger who are all predominant Elezen NPCs. Elezen may have some special interactions with Elves who inhabit Lakeland. Wildwood have a bonus to Dexterity and Duskwights have increased Intelligence. They both lack Vitality. Roegadyn are a large and imposing race. Characters of each clan will possibly receive certain acknowledgments within their home territory, especially if interacting with the Admiral Merlwyb.

Galdjent, administrators of Voeburt on the First, may have certain comments about Roegadyn they encounter. Keepers of the Moon are one of the rarest clans in all of Eorzea and are a matriarchal culture. Characters are also likely to make reference to their tails and ears.No more stressing out in character creation! Also, our insights on choosing correctly! Again, Each race has a subrace more suited to physical jobs, and a race more suitable to magic jobs. The recommendations above only serve as a general guideline.

Since you can make one subrace almost look exactly like the other subrace, you might as well get the better stats.

ffxiv player race stats

Opens in new tab. The other choice given to us without a table comparison is god choice. Your choice of god will give you small bonus Elemental Attributes. Same with race. All in all it seems right now that the choices for race and god are pretty much for flavor. However, there are some of us who want to squeeze every bit of juice out of our characters.

Unfortunately, we do not have the kind of information right now to make a proper analysis on that. Is this a good thing? Yes, I think it is. We are more likely to update those two separate links. Also, updates on our knowledge of the stats here General Stat Info.

So what? Does it bother anyone else or just you? OCD much? What you need to be doing is thanking the writer for taking their time posting a guide assisting new and old players instead of a minor typographical error. Does it bother anyone else or just you that he pointed out a spelling error? What you need to be doing is thanking the writer for taking their time posting a guide assisting new and old players instead of someone helping the author fix a minor typographical error.

One of them are wrong ; Just wanted to help out. Otherwise nice info, thanks been looking for it. From testing I can say that the stats Gods gives are resistances and not elemental damage or they are both.

This was added to my total water resistance that which I had gotten from my God choice — Rhalgr giving me a total of However, it is unlikely that elemental damage, which, excuse me is the same as spell damage in this game. Fire, Ice and Lightning is the Thaumaturge damage types — which is accounted for through spell damage. Yeahp God stats purely give resists only. There was alot of speculation early on about them giving you a small bonus elemental damage, but we never bought it.

Once some of the more speculative people in the community tone down about it, we will edit those out.Hey guys!

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We also offer some insight on which race is best for your planned main class, and other tidbits of info to help you out regarding racial stats. Followed by Sea Wolves tied with Seekers Any person who wants to go down the magical DPS or Healer route, these are the most viable races. VIT is arguably the most important secondary stats for most classes. Each class has a main stat which improves their potency. VIT increases our defense which can be very important for raiding. Only very few classes can benefit from a third stat.

Opens in new Tab. Very little. These stats matter very little in the end-game but will not stop min-maxers or hardcore raiders. Good for any melee DPS or tank. Good for Bards, Machinist and Ninja.

Summoner: Duskwight. Elezen make terrible healers…. Overall good choice for healers. Opens in new Tab Still in Character creation?

Opens in new Tab About to get out into the world? You have them switched. Nice piece of information. I was searching for this certain information. Thank you for sharing this. Thanks for this! Again, thank you for the guide.

Much appreciated. First time coming back since the launch so long ago, haha.The Players and Daily login numbers are estimations based on subscriber numbers and online sentiment.

The game was made because the game sold poorly and wasn't met with critical acclaim. The game takes place in Eorzea five years after the events of the original game.

Thanks to the blessing of the Gods, the player-created characters were able to escape certain death and were sent five years to the future. In a rebuilt world they face the danger of invasion by the Empire of the north. In FFXIV, the players interact with each other in a world that continues to live on even without any players on the server. At the beginning of the game, the players are met by a character creation screen where they choose the name, race, gender, build, appearance and the base class.

It is also necessary to choose a game world for your character. Players level up their characters by gaining EXP.

ffxiv player race stats

EXP is gained by raiding dungeons, taking part in server-wide events, killing monsters, and completing quests. The game's combat system revolves around using a combination of character-specific weapon skills, the use of magic, and the physical attacks themselves. We estimate that 2, people play per day, with a total player base of 23,If you lost the 3rd progression bet it was the equivalent of about 11 units.

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How Important are Races in FFXIV?

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ffxiv player race stats

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