Mac nc50 foundation equivalents

FB shade could work but its more yellow undertone than red and it's 1Y For reference, my color iQ is 3Y05 and shade was the best for me and thats 1Y From other lines, I wear a Urban decay Naked in shade 3 which is 5Y06 and Nars pure radiant tinted moisturizer in Groenland which is 2Y Neither of those last two shades are perfect though but they blend out well and don't look like a bad match.

So there's quite some variation on what works.

What Other store Makeup is similar to MAC nc50?

It depends if you want to match your chest or your face. Your face to me looks like Fentyand your chest looks like Fenty Both have some red undertones but is deeper and more red. Maybelline Fit Me I mix the with a very small amount of the mocha. Now in the Fenty I have tried,and I thought it would be way too light, but when I tried it, it worked. Can I wear it? And did for a few days With that said the is a deep neutral with the perfect intensity for my skin color.

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The color is seamless. I DO remove any excess oils first, but with this foundation there is not much oil. I do like the foundation a lot because it looks like skin. You MUST mooooove fast when applying. I start with a flat top and go over it with a beauty blender sponge for an airbrushed finish. Plan it carefully. It does oxidize darker i. It is not and cannot be full coverage. Not for dry skin. Looks better with primer. You forget you put it on Really like that!

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Will NOT cover dark dark spots or textured skin i. Hope this helps! Community Home Ask questions, join challenges, and get recommendations from people like you Groups Discover topics tailored to your beauty interests Gallery Add your photos and get inspired by fellow beauty lovers.

Loves Cart. Shop Close. Home Shop Shop Close.What do the numbers mean? The numbers usually mean the depth of the color. For instance, the lowest number is for people who have paler skintones, while the highest number is for people with darker skintones. Make sure you test three 3 different shades within the same color range for your complexion, from lightest to darkest, and test them out next to each other on your jawline to find the best possible match. No one has perfectly even skin.

You may find yourself using more than one color. I hope this was helpful. This article can also be found here. Thank you so much for posting this. I wear different shades in MAC. It drives me nutts. I spend a lot of money on foundation each year. I haven't tried their concealer yet. I need to go up to MAC though. I am looking forward to your next post, keep them coming Kim. Thanks again!!

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Great Post! I have their Pro discount but have yet to try their foundations. Do you like their foundation? Make Up Forevers HD Foundation is so light and applies great on my skin so, I want you to buy it and test it out on me. Great post!!! It took me years to finally find the perfect foundation for me. I live in the south and used to wear Prescriptives until they went out of business.

My shade is Cocoa Gabrielle Union shade and I love it. It doesnt even feel like you have makeup on. My mom wears the liquid and the powder but I just wear the powder.

It lasts all day without touchups which was important for me because I dont have a way to carry a makeup bag around with the type of job I have. I needed a mineral makeup no chemicals because i have sensitive skin that is easy to break out with acne. I use their concealor on the dark spots only when I am going out but for the most part, their natural finish powder foundation covers up pretty well. Most of the ladies in my book club wear it now.

Their eyeshadow, lip glaze and foundation primer is really good too if anybody wants to check them out. Good dupe for MAC. Kim Im following your blog too.I want to buy the face and body foundation because it was used for a photoshoot and it was perfect for my skin but im not sure what shade was used.

So, just as you bought the NC15 powder, you'd also buy the NC15 liquid. Well colorbug if you were really as smart as your implying you would know that the mac face and body range uses a different color name. Instead of nc and nw it uses c and n. Thats why she was asking. It is a completely different thing. Hello, great help! But I am still wondering about what colour I should pick. What colour at the MAC foundation do you think I should order?

If you want to help me with that you can email me back at stinochkaa hotmail. You can also find your match on findation. You need to be colour matched in store - it's quick, done by a pro and costs nothing.

I love MAC concealers. So the girl at the make up counter was right on! I would advise to go to a MAC store or Macy's before buying this product online.

They will try it on you, to see which color matches.

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It's a bit pricey so it's best to make sure to get the right one. Thanks for clearing up the colour shades issue for me : I was recently just matched for the Pro longwear and the MUA suggested that I am a NC20 got a sample, as was out of stockbut following your guide I should be in the NW range as I am fair with fairly red cheeks, do you think he suggested that to counter balance the redness?

Since forever have I been told that warm is for yellows greenish veins and tans easilyand cool is for pinks bluish veins and sun sensitivity I am still convinced of that. It should really be mentioned here that MAC does NOT adhere to the beauty world standard in their definitions of warm and cool as Anonymous above has mentioned.

MAC uses the reverse for some reason, but they are the only respected makeup brand that I have seen that does this. I hope not too many people see this guide and think that these definitions of warm and cool are the standard because there is no warning to the contrary!

I have blue eyes and medium brown hair my skin is pale to medium,which do you think I should go for,I always seem to get it wrong. Please help me. I have bought Mac Studio Fix NW45 and everyone including myself seem to be of the opinion that it is making me look a bit darker. Kindly advise which shade comes before NW45? I believe I need just one shade lighter. Im using maybelline stick foundation in the shade can someone advise me which shade i should buy from the studio fix line?

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Can someone help me.Tell us what foundation you are currently using and we will give you a scientifically accurate match to other foundations. As restrictions begin to ease and makeup stores reopen their doors, customers are looking at a drastically changed shopping landscape — and parts of it could The post The end of makeup testers? Unfortunately there are no suitable matches between the two ranges. This usually happens when the range that you have input has a wider range of shades than the range that you have selected.

May we suggest these ranges which do have a suitable match to your current foundation:. This shade is slightly than your current product, but will still work. For all the latest news, tips, trends and exclusives, be sure to sign up to receive the latest straight to your inbox. Match My Makeup is a colour matching service only, not a retailer. However, if you want to buy this product, we can direct you to the right place!

Skip this section if you want to discover your match in ALL products. Otherwise, select a specific product to match to. By continuing to browse, you are accepting our cookie policy. Match my foundation shade now! My current product Tell us what foundation you are currently using that you already know suits your skin tone.

Find my match What would you like to find your match in today? Choose new product What specific product s are you interested in? COVID and the future of cosmetics shopping As restrictions begin to ease and makeup stores reopen their doors, customers are looking at a drastically changed shopping landscape — and parts of it could Vitamin A Vitamin A — Its role in skincare, makeup and foundations.

Plus the best foundations containing Vitamin A. Close Match: This shade differs slightly to your current foundation but is still within an acceptable range.

It is the closest possible match available in this range.

mac nc50 foundation equivalents

No Match: There are no shades close enough to work with your skin tone in this range.Nars foundation in Syracuse. Etichete: fond perfect match, fond loreal bige, fond de ten loreal nuanta. These two are constantly compared, so as massive fan of MAC Studio Fix I thought it was only fair to get a hold of some Double Wear and test them out against each other.

It suits me pretty well, looks really natural etc etc… I like it how the color blends into my skin…and have been appreciated on how real it looks… and then I wanted to know more about this NC and NW and read this post and others on the internet.

Overall I love my Maybelline fit me foundation way better. So when asking what does it translate to in other brands? Fit Me! Takes me a little longer to blend. You're only a few clicks away from your perfect foundation shade. Rimmel match perfection in bronze. Plus why you can't use MAC as a foundation guide.

Now in the Fenty I have tried,and Estee lauder double wear foundation in 4w1 honey bronzem. See more ideas about Mac foundation, Mac nc50, Foundation dupes. Like most MAC products, this one has a cult following and really does live up to the hype. You can thank me later. Find your precise match against hundreds of ranges instantly! Maybelline Fit Me I mix the with a very small amount of the mocha.

Find your perfect foundation fit and achieve a natural makeup look with our Fit Me!

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I was so disappointed with the shade select from Maybelline. Fenty has a red undertone while Mac NC47 has a neutral-yellow undetone. The formula is for normal to oily skin. The full list contains all the MAC shades. Discover the best matches to the foundation shade that you already wear.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in Caramel Dark 2 is formulated with jojoba oil, which keeps skin smooth and soothed, which is essential when rocking a matte finish. It also gives my skin a radiance, almost like a subtle all over highlight. When it comes to eyeliner, everyone has their preference, and color, texture, and consistency are all major What we found out about Maybelline Fit Me Mac Equivalent. This is not a geat match but it can work. See member reviews and photos.

If you love the effortless application of MAC foundation, then this dupe will definitely impress you. Recently eight new shades were added to the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation rang bringing the range total to 24 shades. This liquid foundation will amp up your skin's natural glow and blend seamlessly with our other Born to Glow products.

Milani 2in1 foundation concealer in sand beige. Bourjois air matte in Golden sun.

mac nc50 foundation equivalents

Although the lasting power of the Maybelline Fit Me is not stated clearly, it is safe to say it can last for over 8 hours according to reviews. Mac nc50 equivalent maybelline fit me. Mac face and body in c5.Before the proliferation of YouTube and blogs, there were beauty message boards and LiveJournal. I was a member in a VERY popular MAC Cosmetics LiveJournal community—this was back when MAC was practically the be-all, end-all in the internet makeup world my, how things have changed and practically everything in makeup was MAC-centric especially when it came to describing your skin tone.

But then some years ago I stopped comparing foundations to MAC.

MAC NW or NC ? Six beginners questions about MAC skin shades

I even wrote a post about it and link to it every time I do a review. We beautiful Black and brown women come in all types of gorgeous shades and undertones—some of us might find a brilliant match in a foundation line that tends to go very yellow-based while others in one that goes very red-based. Then there are those of us with neutral undertones like me. So my thinking behind this phenomena is a bunch of things 1.

Some MAC artists were getting really crafty with shade-matching and trying to make their quotas so they put folks in whatever somewhat closely or in some cases nowhere near as closely matched their client 2. No bother for me because that was my foundation jam back then. Side note: This is also why highlighting and contouring is important for women of color which I really explained in my Why One Foundation May Not Cut it for Women of Color post because of the way so many of us are naturally colored.

Because if you were to just put one foundation shade over all those beautiful natural shade variations, it can make you look very flat and in some cases unnatural. I dunno. Way too light. Then I tried NW Too light. I tried NW A touch too light and off in undertone NW45 and NW46 were probably off in undertone as well but them being too light was the first dealbreaker.


NW48 was the closest match but it still was off in undertone. Updated Foundation Routine. No foundation-shaming here .However, in MAC labelling, the undertones are the opposite. So a person with yellow, peach or golden undertones would be suited well to an NC foundation whereas a person with red, pink or blue undertones would be better suited to an NW foundation.

You might have heard that some ladies use an NC foundation but have been given an NW concealer, this is because the pink undertone of an NW concealer helps to cancel out dark green under eye circles.

For blue tinged under eye circles, you could cancel them out with an NC concealer.

mac nc50 foundation equivalents

My client Nina has warm undertones reds in MAC terms with cool under eye circles yellow. Sharon, from Sharonthemakeupartist. So an NC27 is not as yellow as an NC25 but it is a little bit darker. The shade I wear myself is NC15 — this is much more flattering to my skin tone and helps to cancel out any unwanted redness over my cheek area.

This is my personal preference too and I find that the NC blends seamlessly into my skin. I find that with the majority of my clients, an NC foundation always looks better and evens the skin tone beautifully. The most important thing is to make sure that your foundation matches with your chest and looks natural. Would you like to learn how to match and apply your foundation flawlessly?

Click here to learn more about my makeup lessons. The content on this website is copyright of Rachael Divers unless otherwise stated. ProPhoto theme.

Posted in Beauty. N : Neutral — beige undertones. C: Cool — Yellow, golden or olive undertones So a person with yellow, peach or golden undertones would be suited well to an NC foundation whereas a person with red, pink or blue undertones would be better suited to an NW foundation.

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