Original sin 2001 full movie online

Original Sin is set in the late 19th century Cuba during the Spanish rule, [4] [5] and flashes back and forth from the scene of a woman awaiting her execution by garrote while telling her story to a priest, to the actual events of that story. Julia alights from the ship, looking nothing like the photos she had sent prior to her voyage. Julia explains she wants more than a man who is only interested in a pretty face and that is why she has been deceptive—substituting a plain-looking woman's photo in place of her own picture.

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Luis also admits to a deception; he has been misleading her into believing that he is a poor clerk in a coffee export house, instead of being the rich owner of that coffee export house. On hearing this, Julia says that they both have something in common and that is that both are not to be trusted. But they assure each other that they would make efforts in understanding and trusting each other in life.

Luis and Julia wed in the church within hours of her setting foot in Cuba. Luis falls desperately in love with his new wife, and they passionately have sex. Meanwhile, Julia's sister Emily has been trying to contact her, worried about her after such a long trip to a strange land.

original sin 2001 full movie online

She sends an emotional letter to Julia asking about her welfare. Luis forces Julia to write back, fearing that if Julia continues to ignore Emily's letters, Emily will assume something terrible has befallen her sister and she might send the authorities to check on her welfare. Holding off as long as possible, Julia finally pens a letter to her sister. In order to assure that his wife has everything she wants, Luis adds Julia to his business and personal bank accounts, giving her free rein to spend as she pleases.

A detective, Walter Downs Thomas Janearrives from Wilmington and tells Luis that he has been hired by Emily to find her sister Julia and would like to see her on the coming Sunday. Luis informs Julia about this and she gets upset. Emily arrives in Cuba to meet Luis, and shows the letter Julia wrote to her. She informs Luis that she believes Julia to be an impostor and that her sister may be dead. Luis discovers that Julia has taken nearly all of his fortune and disconsolate, teams up with Walter to look for her.

Luis finds Julia and discovers she is actually working with Walter and that she and Luis are staying at the same hotel. Luis believes she loves him and lies to Walter, but when confronted, a fight breaks out and Luis shoots Walter. Julia coldly tells Luis to go and buy them tickets home, but the minute he leaves, Walter gets to his feet; he had loaded the gun with blanks. Julia appears to love Luis, but Walter has too much control over her, so she continues to work for him as she and Luis run off to live in secret, with the supposedly dead Walter in pursuit.

Walter turns out to be Julia Bonny's old lover and partner Billy. Luis throws away his promising future and opens himself to living a lie with Julia. He returns home to wait for her, and when she arrives, he reveals that he knows about the plan, confesses his love for her once more and swallows the poisoned drink though she desperately tries to stop him. Julia flees with the dying Luis, with Walter close behind.

They run into him at a train station; Walter is furious that Julia has betrayed him.

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As Walter holds a knife to her throat, Luis shoots and wounds him, with Julia finishing him off. Back in the mise en sceneJulia finishes her story and asks the priest to pray with her. The next morning the guards come to her cell to take her to her execution, only to find the priest kneeling in her clothing. In MoroccoJulia is watching a card game.

She walks around the table occupied by gamblers - including Luis - and thanks them for allowing her to watch. As Julia signals Luis about the other players' cards, he begins telling them the story of how they got there. The site's consensus states: "Laughably melodramatic, Original Sin features bad acting, poor dialogue and even worse plotting. Film critic Roger Ebert gave the movie a positive review and said about Jolie's performance, "Jolie continues to stalk through pictures entirely on her own terms.

Her presence is like a dare-ya for a man. There's dialogue in this movie so overwrought, it's almost literally unspeakable, and she survives it by biting it off contemptuously and spitting it out.A woman, along with her lover, plans to con a rich man by marrying him, earning his trust, and then running away with all his money.

Everything goes as planned until she falls in love with him. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Get the IMDb app. Julia : You cannot walk away from love. That was the advertisement in a Baltimore newspaper. And that is how he found her. When Luis and the maid find the dead bird, Luis' towel is inside the collar of his gown. In the next shot he turns around and the towel is outside.

As reported by E! Online on Decembersex scene between Luis and Julia was originally 20 minutes long, but was heavily edited before being put into film, due to original scene being too much like soft-core porn. The IMDb editors are anxiously awaiting these delayed movies.

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original sin 2001 full movie online

The only sin committed here is the cardinal one of boring us to tears. Neil Smith. High on lust and low on logic, the preposterous Original Sin is an erotic thriller that evokes more laughs than sweat. Rex Reed.

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The movie is all posture, clich, and editing-room Spackle. Michael Atkinson. If you can swallow some of the more overripe dialogue Marc Savlov. A textbook case of a movie that would have been better had it been worse. Owen Gleiberman.

Though written and directed by a Pulitzer Prize winner, Original Sin is better known as the picture in which a naked Angelina Jolie by then a certified Oscar winner and Antonio Banderas do the horizontal mambo.

Peter Canavese. Stacie Hougland. Scott Nash.The first shot on the screen is a closeup of Angelina Jolie's lips. And what lips they are, plump and pouting and almost bruised. Eventually we tear ourselves away from the sight, and realize she's talking.

She's telling the story of why she happens to be in a jail cell; these flashbacks will eventually reveal that she has been condemned to death by garroting--a nasty way to go, as the executioner turns a screw to tighten an iron collar around your neck.

This prologue undermines any romantic illusions as the story itself begins, circaintroducing us to a wealthy Cuban coffee planter named Luis Durand Antonio Banderaswho anticipates the arrival of a mail order bride named Julia Russell Jolie. Handsome and rich, he has never married "Love is not for me. Love is for those people who believe in it". His expectations for the bride are realistic: "She is not meant to be beautiful. She is meant to be kind, true and young enough to bear children.

He does not. This sultry vision is not the plain woman in the photograph he holds. She confesses she sent the wrong photo because she did not want a man who was attracted only to her beauty. He confesses, too: He owns his plantation and is not simply a worker there. He didn't want to attract a gold-digger. Like many good thrillers, it really gets rolling only after we think we've already seen through the plot.

There are surprises on top of surprises, and I will tread carefully to preserve them. The purpose of the movie is not really to tell its story, anyway, but to use it as an engine to pull Banderas and Jolie through scenes of lurid melodrama, dramatic ultimatums and stunning revelations. Another purpose is to show off these two splendid human beings, and I am happy to report that there is even a certain amount of nudity--which you would expect with this passionate story, but then again you never know, now that studios are scurrying into the shelter of the PG to hide from pruny congressmen.

Jolie continues to stalk through pictures entirely on her own terms. Her presence is like a dare-ya for a man. There's dialogue in this movie so overwrought, it's almost literally unspeakable, and she survives it by biting it off contemptuously and spitting it out.

She makes no effort to pretend to be a nice woman--not even at the first, when Luis believes her story. She's the kind of woman who looks a man in the eye and tells him what she wants, and how soon she expects to get it.

Banderas skillfully plays up to this quality, spaniel-eyed, lovestruck, so overwhelmed he will follow her literally anywhere. The movie is not intended to be subtle.

It is sweaty, candle-lit melodrama, joyously trashy, and its photography wallows in sumptuous decadence. The ending is hilariously contrived and sensationally unlikely, as the movie audaciously shows an unrevocable action and then revokes it. I don't know whether to recommend "Original Sin" or not. It's an exuberant example of what it is--a bodice-ripping murder "meller"--and at that it gets a passing grade.Browse videos by category. You tried to perform an action that is meant for registered users only.

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Απόλυτη Αμαρτία / Original Sin (2001)

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original sin 2001 full movie online

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