Wonmunna mine site location

Newman, the largest inland town in the Pilbara, is a modern, attractive mining town in the heart of the Ophthalmia Ranges. It provides accommodation for the two huge mines: Mount Whaleback and Orebody The Eastern Pilbara is one of the most isolated and inhospitable regions in Australia.

Newman is located km north of Perth on the Great Northern Highway. It is m above sea level. In Aubrey Woodward Newman planned to lead a party from the gold mining town of Cue north towards Roebourne. Newman died from typhoid before the journey began but the new commander, William Rudell, honoured his departed leader by naming the highest mountain in the Ophthalmia Range, Mount Newman.

The best views of the mine are from the lookout at the mine which is only accessible by taking the BHP Billiton Mt Whaleback Mine tour. Martumili gives artists equitable access to national and international art markets, using accountable, best practice systems like the indigenous art code. The mine is located 6 km from town and the tour lasts approximately 90 minutes. It is certainly the best way to see and experience the mine.

The buses that depart from the Visitor Centre head for the Lookout over the mine the photo from the lookout is on the top of this page - it is a stitch of six photos so it offers a very broad panorama of the mine and then go into the mine processing area.

Trains on the line measure 2. Tours By Helicopter Fortescue Helicopters operate two scenic flights in the area. One specifically looks at Mt Whaleback Mine and the town. The other includes the mine and adds a tour of some of the local waterfalls and gorge pools. It is the largest open pit mine in the world measuring 1. The project also required its own railway line to take the iron ore kilometres to Port Hedland for exporting overseas.

The railway line is known as the Mount Newman Railway. The first train load of iron ore left Newman for the journey to Port Hedland on January 1, and the first export shipment of Mount Newman ore left Port Hedland on April 1, on board the ship 'Osumi Maru' to be taken to Japanese steel mills. Open cut mining at Mount Newman is carried out in the traditional fashion with blasting of the rock face that allows ore to be scooped up with power shovels and placed into giant haulage trucks that carry tonnes with each load.

These trucks take ore to the crushers before it is loaded onto rail wagons for the trip to Port Hedland where it is further processed before being loaded onto ships. BHP Billiton Pilbara operations employ a total of over 13, people who have been regularly producing more than million tonnes of iron ore a year that has been exported from Port Hedland It is estimated that the iron ore resource in the Newman Hamersley Range contains 3.

It is best to read a good account of the trip all accounts are fairly dramatic as the roads are less than perfect. Here we turned off the main track and followed a narrow winding track into the hills.Exploration Manager. Pantoro charges towards second gold mine. Junior ready to resume search for more Wattle Dam riches. Subscribe today and enjoy full access to MiningNews. Try MiningNews. Aboriginal businessman says MinRes deal will not deliver benefits to Pilbara traditional owners.

Dryblower on Australia's real iron man competition. Dryblower on the takeover which is becoming a political and legal football.

Winu production pushed back to Caballus gains Bougainville boost. Two more fatalities at Medusa mine. Environmental and social governance ESG is critical to the success of mining. OceanaGold marks three decades of gold standard mining.

wonmunna mine site location

Neo Lithium moving closer to production. OceanaGold commits to net zero emissions by Decipher and K2Fly - technology and governance in tailings storage facilities. Digbee talks the rebirth of independent investment research. How to maximize slurry pumping efficiency in mining applications. Micromine's global summit unpacks the future in mining software. Spoiler bid slows Bald Hill sale.

BHP backs green steel firm. Rio reaches agreement on smelter. All rights reserved. Ellison and Forrest spar over Wonmunna. Earlier drilling at Wonmunna.Certified Rebuilds. The Australian Aboriginal Mining Corporation, a private company chaired by Carey Mining chief Dan Tucker, has been granted a mine gate deal with Fortescue Metals Group and is looking to acquire an iron ore project 80km northwest of Newman.

While AAMC has been around for about five years, it was the deal to buy the Wonmunna project from Ascot Resources that has brought Carey's hopes for the company closer to fruition. AAMC has entered into an "arms-length" binding agreement to engage Carey Mining as the mining contractor for Wonmunna. Tucker described the business world as one of the few elusive spaces Aboriginal people had not been able to conquer. He started Carey Mining in and has managed to keep it growing through some challenging times.

It has grown from a WA mining contractor into an international business. Carey has a training arm that is a Registered Training Organisation that working all over Australia and in Malaysia. Having the right jobs and having the right people making the right decisions consistently though - that is the real trick. If opportunities are everywhere you can get carried away.

In lean times when work is not everywhere we try to work with that as well. When it comes to Indigenous business, Tucker has seen three distinct cycles. The first was in about when Western Australia's Eastern Goldfields had a bit of a boom.

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Again, a lot of Aboriginal businesses started to capitalise on the opportunities that had landed in their back yard. The most recent thing spurring on Aboriginal businesses has been the federal government's Indigenous Procurement Policy, which was created in It has three main parts.

The first is a target number of federal government contracts that need to be awarded to Indigenous business. However, the IPP has taken the Aboriginal business boom out of the traditional mining areas of the Goldfields and Pilbara and made it Australia-wide.

It started inauspiciously as a service provider to the accommodation facilities the oil companies built to get the North Slope oil and grew to become a major supplier to the US government and one of the largest contractors in the Gulf of Mexico. While the Australian IPP is not exactly in the same vein, it is a start.

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For Tucker, the opportunities for Aboriginal people who are keen to get into business are growing. Tucker said those business people and the people they employed started to become role models for their community. He said the children would see what their parents or their relatives were doing, the opportunities they were creating for themselves and would want to get a piece of that too.

NSW govt seeking to diversify Hunter Valley out of coal. Regulator pursuing prosecution of Moolarben over flyrock incident.We are exploring known kimberlites — volcanic rock that can sometimes contain diamonds.

Bulk sampling began in early June and we are using a large scale trench cutter — previous drilling methods caused breakage of larger stones and likely undersampled diamonds — to sample large volumes of kimberlite to depths of up to metres.

FalCon is still in early stage exploration and we are continuing drilling, sampling and community engagement through Jadar is a unique, world-class lithium-borate deposit near the town of Loznica in western Serbia and is located on the doorstep of the European Union, one of the fastest growing electric vehicle markets in the world. Read more.

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In addition to technology already in use across Rio Tinto, such as autonomous trucks, trains and drills, the design of the Gudai-Darri mine uses an increased level of automation and digitisation, including advanced data analytics.

Significant innovations include a digital replica of the processing plant, accessible in real time by workers in the field, fully integrated mine automation and simulation systems, and an automated workshop.

With more than 70 design innovations in scope, Gudai-Darri will set a benchmark for our industry in terms of automation and the use of data — making mining safer and more productive.

$35m bid for first Aboriginal-owned iron ore mine

The Solar PV plant will deliver approximately 65 per cent of Gudai-Darri's average electricity demand once operational. During peak operations, the plant will provide per cent of Gudai-Darri's electricity needs. We are building an underground mine complex, using block-caving mining techniques to extract the ore and transport it to the surface.

In Novemberwe achieved a significant milestone with the completion of Shaft 2 construction. Shaft 2, a 10 metre diameter shaft sunk to approximately 1. Shaft 2 significantly improves overall productivity of the underground development and allows us to move more material, equipment and people between the surface and underground.

Enhanced geotechnical information and data modelling suggests that there may be some stability risks identified with the approved mine design and several other mine design options are being considered. The mine design will be finalised in the first half of and a definitive estimate of cost and schedule for project completion will be released in the second half of At full production, the underground mine is expected to produce 95, tonnes of ore daily. Resolution Copper will rely on a technique called block caving to extract the deposit that lies more than 2, metres deep.

Ellison and Forrest spar over Wonmunna

This technique uses gravity to help extract the ore and is the most viable way to recover the resource. Work to restore the historic number nine shaft, initially constructed inwas completed in The team is now sinking the shaft to over 2, metres below ground and linking it with the newer number 10 shaft — it reached approximately 2 kilometres of the 2. In anticipation of the final EIS, Resolution Copper will continue underground development, conduct extensive drilling and orebody testing, plus maintain the permitting and public engagement process.

Resolution Copper is also focused on managing the impacts of the COVID pandemic, including engagement with local communities. Work continues on the technical optimisation of the Simandou project, a world-class iron ore deposit, and preparatory activity related to an update of its Social and Environmental Impact Assessment SEIA is also under way.

This structure has been in place since Rio Tinto and Chinalco, which own In latewe discovered copper-gold mineralisation at the Winu project in the Paterson Province in Western Australia. In July we announced the maiden Resource at Winu, as well as the discovery of a new zone of gold dominant mineralisation nearby. We continue working with the local Nyangumarta and Martu Traditional Owners and regulators to progress the agreements and approvals needed for any future development, while targeting first production in We are also conducting cultural heritage surveys with the Traditional Owners and progressing technical studies, including environmental baseline studies, geotechnical and metallurgical test work.

The Zulti South project is on full suspension.

wonmunna mine site location

RBM currently operates four mines in the Zulti North lease area, a mineral separation plant and smelting facility.There is further mineable tonnage of 2. This gives a potential mineable inventory estimate of Based on a production rate of 5 million tonnes per annum from Year 2 onwards, initial mine life could be expected to be in the order of 7 years. The Ore Reserve originates from a Resource estimate of The Ascot Board expects to consider options for financing the Project in Q1 The proposed production schedule is for an initial 3 million tonnes per annum rate in year 1, ramping-up to a 5 million tonnes per annum by year 2 and beyond.

A nominal minus 8mm DSO fines product would be produced using a two-stage crushing and screening plant.

wonmunna mine site location

Conventional open pit mining methods are proposed for all pits which are located within 5 kilometres from the main processing area. Native Title Agreements in place Native Title Mining Agreements are in place with the two claimant groups whose claims affect the Project. Heritage Surveys have been completed for the proposed Project footprint, including all planned mining and infrastructure disturbance areas.

Final environmental and mining approvals required to implement the Project will be progressed after the anticipated approval of the Mining Proposal in early Ascot has a granted miscellaneous license of a length of metres for a haul road that will link the mining operation to a specified entry point onto the Great Northern Highway to allow quad road trucks to transport DSO product from Wonmunna to an agreed delivery point at or before Port Hedland.

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Requirements in relation to gaining approval from the Mains Road Department are advanced for the design of the haul road and highway intersection obtaining a permit for the concessional loading and transportation of iron ore. In discussions with third parties for sale of ore mined Ascot has noted it is in advanced discussions with a third party in relation to a mine or port gate sale of DSO product at a delivery point to be agreed at or before Port Hedland.

The company said these discussions remain confidential and incomplete at this point. Analysis Ascot continues on its merry way defining an initial iron ore reserve and with a strong cash balance while many of its peers find the going tougher with the fall in the price of iron ore. The location of Wonmunna, adjacent to Rio Tinto's West Angelas and Hope Downs iron ore mines is also of importance towards development options. Ascot has indicated it is in "advanced discussions" with a third party which could bring a mine or Port gate sale of future iron ore produced, which fuels further potential.

The initial ore reserve and funding position provide a platform for Wonmunna for financing and construction readiness during Source: proactiveinvestors. Coal Insights is a ready reckoner for anyone associated with coal. This publication is aimed at tracking everything related to coal in India. ICMW is a one-stop source for all news, data and research pertaining to coal demand, consumption, stocks, spot- and long-term prices with respect to the Indian Market.

ISMW is a brand new high-end steel market report, covering all aspects of the steel industry in India. Steel Insights delves into various facets of the domestic and global steel industry such as market fundamentals, raw material price trends, price forecasts etc. Use of the software requires and presumes adherence and assent to the following terms and conditions and awareness of the following limitations for which the users agree not to hold the company liable.

Blackberry and other phones with proprietary operating systems.This geological map and associated information on rock units at or nearby to the coordinates given for this locality is based on relatively small scale geological maps provided by various national Geological Surveys. This does not necessarily represent the complete geology at this locality but it gives a background for the region in which it is found.

Click on geological units on the map for more information. Click here to view full-screen map on Macrostrat. Lithology: Strataform assemblage s ; felsic volcanic rock s; chertcarbonateiron formationshale. Reference: Chorlton, L. Generalized geology of the world: bedrock domains and major faults in GIS format: a small-scale world geology map with an extended geological attribute database. Geological Survey of Canada, Open File Comments: sedimentary ; igneous volcanic ; synthesis of multiple published descriptions.

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Lithology: Sedimentary ; igneous volcanic. Reference: Raymond, O. Surface Geology of Australia million scale dataset edition. Commonwealth of Australia Geoscience Australia. Data and map coding provided by Macrostrat. Covid has significantly affected our fundraising. Please help! Learning Center What is a mineral? Mineral Name:. Locality Name:.

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Keyword s :. Click here to sponsor this page. Display Photos Maps Search. Note: this is a very new system on mindat. Please bear with us while we work towards adding this information! Entries shown in red are rocks recorded for this region. Comments: sedimentary ; igneous volcanic ; synthesis of multiple published descriptions Lithology: Sedimentary ; igneous volcanic Reference: Raymond, O. This page contains all mineral locality references listed on mindat. This does not claim to be a complete list.

If you know of more minerals from this site, please register so you can add to our database. This locality information is for reference purposes only. You should never attempt to visit any sites listed in mindat.AAMC has hailed Wonmunna as a milestone for indigenous participation in the mining sector, which despite a transformation over the past 30 years, is limited mainly to direct employment and business partnerships with mining companies.

The deposit will be mined on a contract basis by Carey Mining, with between two and five million tonnes of ore a year trucked by third-party haulage operators km to Cloudbreak, where it will be bought by Fortescue and railed on its line to Port Hedland for export.

The mine will create jobs during construction and another once operational. Close navigation menu Subscribe Log In. Today's Paper. West Rewards. The West Live. Search Search. Subscribe Subscribe Chevron Right Icon. Mining Iron ore Indigenous Australians Pilbara.

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wonmunna mine site location

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Wonmunna Iron Ore Project

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